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2017 Awards – DGPT Scrambler Award

The Scrambler Award is given to the player with the highest scrambler percentage. Scramble percentage is the number of par saves when the green is not reached in
regulation. It is no surprise that Nate Sexton, one of the most consistent players on tour, is our 2017 MPO Scrambler, carding par close to 4 out of 5 times when he does not reach the green in regulation.

  1. Nate Sexton: 79%
  2. Tim Barham: 75%
  3. Josh Anthon: 73%

On the women’s side, Valarie Jenkins has one of the best short games on tour among all players. With the exception of Paige Pierce, her scramble percentage is over a dozen points above every woman on tour. Valarie Jenkins is our 207 FPO Scrambler.

  1. Valarie Jenkins: 71%
  2. Paige Pierce: 63%
  3. Lisa Fajkus: 58%