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Blistering Finish – PCS Open Final Round Recap

By Nick Quargnenti

2023 PDGA EuroTour – DGPT Elite — PCS Open 2023

Sunday, July 16, 2023 – 02:55

As if we needed more excitement, Kristin Tattar’s three-shot lead over Missy Gannon vanished at the 10th hole to offer us an even more exciting final round!


We arrive again at the demanding 12th hole, and two almost identical shots have a very different destiny: the World Champion has a small cut-roll at the end that brings her back to inbounds, while the American has a higher skip and stays OB, and this two-stroke swing seems to end the excitement.

This same hole serves to show us how mature Ida Emilie Nesse’s game is: after a magnificent drive that sends her to the turning point of the hole with a direct view to the far green, she decides to make a short layup to the bounds of the front OB to ensure a safer approach and score her third birdie in three rounds on the most difficult hole of the course!

Eveliina suffered a double bogey on the same hole, so it seemed that, rather than attacking the lead, she would have to defend her third position from two other players who were challenging her: Sarah Hokom and Ida herself.

We arrive to hole 15 and… forget everything we have said! Tattar triple putts the elevated green, Missy also misses the putt, and Eveliina makes birdie, bringing the three to within two strokes with three holes to go!

Tattar does not get discouraged and, on the 16th, she executes an excellent tee shot while Gannon ends up in the rough on the right. Again it seems that Estonia is going to escape, but Missy executes one of the most beautiful shots of the tournament with a long standstill downhill approach absolutely straight that leaves her disc under the koozie and her aspirations intact.


Eveliina suffers again with three airballs from the circle, so she remains third, and the fight for fourth place intensifies with Heidi Laine chaining three birdies to reach the iconic tractor on the 18th hole. That’s where the places are finally decided: 6th for the very young Ida Emilie Nesse, 5th for Sarah Hokom and 4th for Laine.

The crowd fills the last green, with the first two players within one stroke of each other. Missy has to play attacking but ends up finding the OB, so Kristin only has to make a layup to achieve the sword of victory in the PDGA Euro Tour -Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite — PCS Open presented by Innova.

With the Presidents Cup just a few days away, at least in FPO Europe has shown that it is on par, if not above, the U.S. Let the battle continue!

A fan commented to us at the “Gates of Valhalla” on hole 6: “I like Proctor because, although he is playing with the elite, he looks like any of us having a round with friends”.


And pressure he had, because both himself and Calvin Heimburg were leading two strokes ahead of a hungry Paul McBeth at the start of the final round of this PDGA Euro Tour – DGPT Elite — PCS Open presented by Innova, and Paul did what he had to do: put as much pressure as he could with 7 under par at the end of the front 9!

How did the leaders respond? Well, unevenly: Calvin Heimburg had a slow first half of the round with only one stroke under par, so it seemed like he would have to focus more on defending his third place. On the other hand, James Proctor held his own with -7, although a bogey on the 11th left him tied for the lead and 4 strokes ahead of Heimburg.

Then came, as in FPO, the decisive 12th hole. Proctor went to OB and McBeth took advantage to take the lead. But not by one stroke, but by two, as he throws a 120-meter forehand hyzer that lands on C2 to convert a birdie that would put him in the solo lead.

It seems that the stroke “cooled” Proctor for a while, whose slightly deviated drive on the 13th made him settle for par, while McBeth increased the lead again with another birdie.

Four Europeans made the Top 20: Silver Lätt (Estonia), with 5 birdies in a row in the last 5 holes, Blær Örn Ásgeirsson (Iceland), fourteenth, who played but did not make the playoff for a place in the USDGC; Niklas Anttila (Finland), who achieved the second-best card of the day and who is gaining ground for the European Open, and the best of our players was the young Swede Hjalmar Fredriksson who has just turned 16 years old and who is becoming more comfortable among the international elite.

A crowd favorite, Mr. “Holy Shot” James Conrad, moved up three places to sixth, and another top player, Ricky Wysocki, finished fifth and was very close to fighting for the win.

Eagle McMahon told us in the interview that in this tournament he has felt very good in all the rounds, but he has only lacked the way to prolong those moments of inspiration, and the extra motivation of remembering the historic final of the European Open last year can help him next week in Nokia (Finland).

Excitement again on the spectacularly crowded 18th hole as Proctor and Heimburg came in tied. Calvin’s drive was left behind the familiar bush to the right of the fairway, while Proctor gained yardage and was left with a relatively comfortable approach. Heimburg has to take a chance but goes long OB, although he converts the comebacker to save par. However, Proctor gets the birdie and solo second place.


Nice detail when the public can not hold the desire and begins to cheer the players on their arrival at the green. The victory was decided, and the atmosphere continued to heat up until the climax when Paul McBeth raised the Viking battle-axe as the winner of the Battle of the End of the World: the Ragnarök!

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