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2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend | Format and Event Preview

By Nick Quargnenti

Get ready for the much-anticipated 2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend, as the Disc Golf Pro Tour gears up for its ninth season prepare to watch the top disc golf talents in the world throw down in Florida for the season kick-off. Mark your calendars for February 16-18, 2024, as our esteemed All-Star players converge upon Olympus Disc Golf Course in Brooksville, Florida. It promises to be a thrilling showcase of skill and competition you won’t want to miss!

Following the path set by previous All-Star events, the DGPT is reintroducing a team-centric format, inspired by the PGA Tour’s Ryder Cup. Each division (FPO and MPO) will be split into two teams with captains, determined by the 2023 end-of-season DGPT Points Standings, strategically drafting a squad of 6 from a roster of qualified All-Stars. These teams will compete in doubles on Saturday, and singles on Sunday accumulating points to determine the ultimate winner. 

Meet Your 2024 All-Star Teams:

In the FPO division, Ohn Scoggins and Missy Gannon step into the spotlight as All-Star Team Captains, while on the MPO side, the leadership reins are in the capable hands of Calvin Heimburg and Isaac Robinson. With the dust settling on the 2024 All-Star Draft, the stage is set for this year’s teams. If you happened to miss the draft-day excitement, fear not! You can catch all the riveting FPO Draft and MPO Draft action on our YouTube channel.

2024 FPO All-Star Teams & Player Seeding
Team Scoggins Team Gannon
(C) Ohn Scoggins (2) Kat Mertsch (5) (C) Missy Gannon (1) Holyn Handley (3)
Hailey King (6) Macie Valediaz (9) Ella Hansen (4) Catrina Allen (7)
Jessica Weese (10) Henna Blomroos* (12) Sarah Hokom (8) Ali Smith (11)
2024 MPO All-Star Teams & Player Seeding
Team Heimburg Team Robinson
(C) Calvin Heimburg (1) Ricky Wysocki (4) (C) Isaac Robinson (2) Gannon Buhr (3)
Matt Orum (5) Anthony Barela (7) Kyle Klein (6) Cole Redalen (8)
James Proctor (9) Chris Dickerson* (12) Ezra Robinson (10) Aaron Gossage* (11)

*Kristin Tattar, Simon Lizotte, and Eagle McMahon qualified as All-Stars but will not participate in the 2024 All-Star weekend, they will be replaced by Henna Blomroos, Aaron Gossage, and Chris Dickerson respectively. 

2023 All-Star Event in Tucson, AZ – Team Ricky Wysocki Group Photo. DGPT: Kevin Huver

2024 All-Stars Press Conference (Thursday, February 15th):

2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend kicks off with the All-Stars Press Conference! Join us for a lively Q&A session with the team captains, where you’ll get insights into team strategies, player predictions, and maybe even a bit of friendly trash talk. Tune in LIVE on our YouTube channel or on the Disc Golf Network on Thursday, February 15 at 5 PM ET!

Skills Challenge Update (Friday, February 16th):

The much-anticipated skills challenge, a longstanding tradition at the All-Star Weekend, is making a return in 2024 with a fresh twist. This year, rather than factoring into the overall All-Star team points, the putting, distance, and accuracy contests will take center stage as a distinct individual exhibition event. To add an extra layer of excitement, a select group of additional touring players will join the All-Stars and to showcase their prowess in these challenges. This slightly expanded field will vie for individual honors in each category, setting the stage for an exhilarating weekend. 

The skills challenge includes a putting challenge, featuring a total of six stations, followed by an accuracy challenge that showcases five distinct throw types to test players’ shot-shaping prowess. And let’s not forget the heart-pounding controlled distance challenge, where participants will push their distance limits with six throws each. The Skills Challenge kicks off at 1 PM ET and you can catch all the action LIVE on our YouTube channel or on the Disc Golf Network!

2024 Skills Challenge FPO Participants
Putting Challenge Accuracy Challenge Distance Challenge
Ohn Scoggins Missy Gannon Holyn Handley
Kat Mertsch Sarah Hokom Ella Hansen
Deann Carey Jessica Weese Eveliina Salonen
Morgan Lynds Ali Smith Henna Blomroos
Jordan Lynds Macie Velediaz Eliezra Midtlyng
Catrina Allen —————— Hailey King
2024 Skills Challenge MPO Participants
Putting Challenge Accuracy Challenge Distance Challenge
Ricky Wysocki Aaron Gossage Calvin Heimburg
Gannon Buhr Chris Dickerson Anthony Barela
Matt Orum Kyle Klein Cole Redalen
Andrew Marwede  Alden Harris Garret Gurthie
James Proctor Ezra Robinson Albert Tamm
Isaac Robinson —————— Ezra Aderhold

All-Star Doubles (Saturday, February 17th):

As the excitement builds heading into the start of the team competition on Saturday, team captains have strategically chosen three doubles teams who will compete head-to-head for overall team points. The doubles matchups are determined by each doubles team’s combined seeding (see player seeds above). The doubles teams will engage in a best disc, stroke play format, where the goal is to achieve the lowest total score for victory. Each winning match will secure one point for the winning pair’s All-Star team. The FPO Doubles rounds kick off at 8:30 AM ET and the MPO Doubles rounds start soon after at 2:00 PM ET, you can catch all the action LIVE on the Disc Golf Network!

2024 FPO All-Star Doubles Teams
Team Scoggins Team Gannon
Ohn Scoggins & Hailey King Missy Gannon & Holyn Handley
Jessica Weese & Henna Blomroos Ella Hansen & Ali Smith
Kat Mertsch & Macie Valediaz Catrina Allen & Sarah Hokom
2024 MPO All-Star Doubles Teams
Team Heimburg Team Robinson
Calvin Heimburg & James Proctor Isaac Robinson & Ezra Robinson
Anthony Barela & Ricky Wysocki Kyle Klein & Gannon Buhr
Chris Dickerson & Matt Orum Cole Redalen & Aaron Gossage

All-Star Singles (Sunday, February 18th):

The grand finale of the 2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend unfolds with the highly anticipated Singles Competition. This showdown serves as the ultimate opportunity for teams to clinch those last crucial points of the weekend. Players from each team will be matched up via seed with the lowest score of each pairing earning their respective team a point (see player seeds above). The Singles Competition will kick-off with the FPO division at 8:30 AM ET, MPO starts at 2:00 PM ET, and you can catch all the action LIVE on the Disc Golf Network!

In the case of a tie, there will be a one hole (TBA) sudden death playoff, captains first, then second seeds, third seeds, etc. if needed.

Spectate in Person or Watch Live on DGN!

Anticipation is building for our fourth annual All-Star event, and the picturesque Olympus Disc Golf Course in Brooksville, Florida, is primed to be the perfect host. With single-day and multi-day passes available for purchase – this is an absolute must-attend event! Secure your tickets now to witness the world’s top players showcase their skills. 

For those unable to join in person, fear not – The entire weekend, including the skills challenge, will be broadcast LIVE on the Disc Golf Network, with two shows planned for each day of competition. Get ready for an action-packed weekend, where individual prowess meets team strategy in the pursuit of victory!

2024 DGPT All-Star Weekend Schedule
Day (Date) Event Time Broadcast
Thursday (2/15) Press Conference 5 PM (ET) | 2 PM (PT) Disc Golf Network / YouTube
Friday (2/16) Skills Competition 1 PM (ET) | 10 AM (PT) Disc Golf Network / YouTube
Saturday (2/17) All-Star Doubles  FPO: 8:30 AM (ET) | 5:30 AM (PT) Disc Golf Network
MPO: 2:00 PM (ET) | 11:00 AM (PT)
Sunday (2/18) All-Star Singles  FPO: 8:30 AM (ET) | 5:30 AM (PT) Disc Golf Network
MPO: 2:00 PM (ET) | 11:00 AM (PT)

Own a Piece of the Action!

The start of the season is right around the corner. Be one of the first to receive a 2024 DGPT All-Star Jersey from Diameter Apparel! A portion of the player’s jersey you purchase will also go towards supporting that player! Pre-order your jersey now (presale ends on 2/21/2024).

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