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The Top 3 Moments from the First DGPT+ Event of the Season: The 2024 Prodigy Presents Waco

By Nick Quargnenti

This past weekend, Waco, Texas, played host to the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s 2024 Prodigy Presents Waco, where top-notch athletes treated spectators to a thrilling display of skill and memorable moments. From the triumphant comeback of the FPO world champion to the noteworthy performance of a player sporting a new sponsor, here are 5 standout moments from the event.

1) Kristin Tattar: The Champ is Back!

In a dazzling display in the FPO division, the returning champion, Kristin Tattar, not only clinched her 1st victory of the 2024 season at the inaugural DGPT+ event but also secured her 19th DGPT* or PDGA Pro Major victory. Tattar’s back-to-back wins at WACO and her 4th win in multiple DGPT/PDGA Pro Major events highlight her dominance in the game.

During a charged Round 3, Tattar surged into the lead, amassing an impressive 11-stroke advantage over Ella Hansen, ultimately carrying a commanding 5-stroke lead into the final round. A win secured her 100% win rate when leading into the final round, Tattar has clearly solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the disc golf world again in 2024.

2) Gannon Buhr: New Sponsor, Same Gannon!

In the MPO division, Gannon Buhr underscored why he should never be overlooked in discussions about championship contenders, solidifying his status as a memorable name in the disc golf world. Seizing his 5th DGPT* or PDGA Pro Major career win, Buhr’s remarkable finish over Luke Humphries and Niklas Anttila left spectators in awe. Since claiming victory at the 2022 USDGC, no other MPO player has notched as many DGPT* or PDGA Pro Major wins as Buhr, with the next closest being 2 wins from players such as Calvin Heimburg, Kyle Klein, Isaac Robinson, and Simon Lizotte. With this latest triumph, Buhr earned an impressive 363.30 points, securing his position at the top of the StatMando Official Rankings, boasting a substantial lead of 192.69 points over the 2nd-placed Calvin Heimburg.

Buhr’s performance on the putting green at Waco took center stage, showcasing stellar stats like 1,412 feet of Total Putts Made, a top-ranking 19.6 feet Average Putt Make, leading in 9.34 Strokes Gained from Putting, 5.25 Strokes Gained in C2, and a notable 4.10 Strokes Gained in C1X (7th). Additionally, Buhr exhibited outstanding accuracy with a remarkable 89% success rate putting from C1X and 44% from C2! Buhr’s exceptional performance at Waco has undoubtedly elevated him as a formidable opponent within the competitive landscape to come.

3) Big, Sexy, Berri Beyond Commentary!

The JomezPro trio, featuring Nate Sexton, Jeremy Koling, and Paul Ulibarri, showcased their versatile skills beyond their media presence during this weekend’s event. Notably, for the first time since the 2018 Masters Cup, all 3 players found themselves in the top-10 heading into the final round of a professional disc golf event. Here are some standout statistics from the group:

  • Big Jerm demonstrated his prowess by leading the field in strokes gained from putting in round 2 (3.59) and strokes gained from tee to green in round 3 (6.62).
  • Ulibarri emerged as a putting maestro, leading the field in strokes gained from putting in C1X at an impressive 6.63 for the entire tournament, achieving a remarkable 97% putting percentage (37/38) in C1X also for the entire tournament (tied for 2nd).
  • Sexton, in his 17th final round lead card appearance in DGPT* and PDGA Pro Major events (his 1st since Portland Open 2019), has secured 2 wins from such situations.
  • At the end of round 3 at Brazos Park East, the trio found themselves within 2-strokes of the hot round of the day, with Ulibarri at -11, Koling at -11, and Sexton at -10.
  • Remarkably, by the end of round 3, there were 5 USDGC winners in the top-10, including Koling and Sexton, alongside Conrad, Buhr, and Klein.

This impressive collective performance adds an extra layer of excitement to the fan-favorites’ continued presence on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

The 2024 Prodigy Presents Waco event was a rollercoaster of emotions, with each player leaving their mark on the course. As the season progresses, disc golf fans can only anticipate more nail-biting moments and unforgettable performances from these incredible athletes.

* DGPT wins include DGPT Elite, DGPT+, and DGPT Playoff events.

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