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Bert Kreischer Kicks Off the DGPT Playoffs

By Nick Quargnenti

The Comedic Sensation Explores His Passion for Disc Golf at the Season’s First Playoff Event

Article written by: Nick Quargnenti – DGPT Marketing Coordinator

Bert Kreischer, the prominent cultural figure, famously known as “The Machine,” who has the uncanny ability to inspire laughter in crowds around the world, has been on a whirlwind adventure that goes beyond the comedy stage. The stand-up comedian, podcaster, television host, and actor has been carving a spirited path for himself in the world of disc golf. His journey led him to the season’s first DGPT playoff event, the Discraft Great Lakes Open (DGLO) presented by Grip6, in Milford, MI. Recently, both spectators and players had the unique opportunity to witness a side of Bert that’s not often seen, as he graced the fairways as an honored guest for the very first time.

Bert Kreischer is Ready to Party in Milford, MI. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

When Bert rediscovered his love for the sport during his time in Texas, he dove in headfirst, fully embracing disc golf. But that’s not all – he’s also become a vocal champion for the sport, chatting about it passionately on his hit podcasts like 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Bertcast, and Open Tabs. To delve deeper into Bert’s advocacy and how he ventured into the disc golf universe, check out this link.

Bert Kreischer Celebrating the Commencement of DGLO. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Bert Kreischer and former MMA champ Ben Askren got the first Playoff event of the year rolling with opening throws in round 1, just before the lead card started their round, two of disc golf’s biggest celebrities took the tee. Askren, ever the character, threw his drives shoeless, jokingly proving that shoes are optional. He teed off with two drives, embracing the “two off the first” mantra. Then came Kreischer, unleashing a sidearm flex shot. He nailed the fairway and, in classic style, shed his hoodie for his signature shirtless pose.

Brian Earhart caught up with Askren and Kreischer after their memorable first throws, Earhart asked Kreischer: “What should the folks watching from home anticipate?” In his signature hilarious and unwavering style, Bert had a quick reply, “Long drives. That’s all. That’s all I give a crap about, who cares about approach shots?” He kept on, saying, “That’s what this course is set up for: great tee boxes, long drives, big uphills, it’s a sexy course.”

Just before DGLO kicked off, Kreischer had another gig lined up. He was set to participate in the Paul McBeth Foundation “Play with the Champs w/ Bert Kreischer” charity event. This was no ordinary game—it was all for a good cause, with proceeds going straight to the Paul McBeth Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing and introducing sustainable disc golf experiences to underserved locations that currently have limited or no access to the sport.

Bert Kreischer & Paul McBeth at the Paul McBeth Foundation Play w/ the Champs Charity Event. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Fans who signed up had the chance to play a hole with not only Bert but also four pro players: Paul McBeth, Calvin Heimburg, Chris Dickerson, and Catrina Allen. And that’s not all – folks like our (now) 2023 DGLO champ, Simon Lizotte, along with Discraft Team Captain Paul Ulibarri, and Ben Askren were in on the action too. Keep an eye out for coverage of this exciting event coming this offseason.

Ben Askren and Simon Lizotte in Milford, Michigan. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

Furthermore, Discraft has been busy bridging comedy and the finesse of disc golf with an intriguing new partnership that debuted alongside Bert’s appearance at DGLO. Check out their fresh Bert Kreischer collection, offering fans a chance to snag a SuperColor Buzzz, Jawbreaker UltraStar, and the exclusive “Bert Kreischer DGLO Exclusive 3 Disc Pack.” This pack packs a punch with a specially stamped Nuke, Roach, and Buzzz. If you’re curious, you can check out these products right here.

Over the years, Bert Kreischer made appearances on disc golfers’ YouTube channels, featured disc golf content in his own videos, and even graced the podcast scene with appearances on disc golf-specific shows like Foundation Podcasts. His passion for the sport goes beyond casual interest; Bert sees disc golf as a means to promote accessibility, community, and well-being.

While Bert Kreischer might be the life of the party, his love for disc golf is no joke. He’s an embodiment of the sport’s inclusivity, bridging the gap between the laughter-filled world of comedy and the focused concentration required on the disc golf course. As he left his mark at the Discraft Great Lakes Open, one thing became crystal clear: Bert’s disc golf journey is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see where the adventure takes him next.