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C2 Putting: Who is jumping into the top spots?

By Baker Helton
Circle two, a spot where most amateurs are either hoping they get a look at making the putt (or are just laying up to save a potential come-back stroke) — a place where pros make their living. Today we will visit this year’s top circle two putters on Tour. ​

FPO: Faces You Know
In our first stat review, we saw a few players who we are not familiar with on Tour making the top spots for C1 putting. It is different for most other stats, and Circle Two putting is one of those statistics. Paige Pierce dominated the C2 putting percentage. Paige made 43 out of 173 C2 putts. That is 24.86% of her C2 putts.

The next closest player was Kristin Tattar. As was noted in our previous article, Kristin Tattar only played two events this season. Kristin made 21.21% of her C2 putts, seven out of 33.

The next closest touring Pro to Paige? Madison Walker. Madison finished 5th in C2 putting making 16% of her C2 putts.

MPO: Not Quite The Top Ten Players
UDisc ranks players who have at least 100 holes covered by the app. As such, players with two tournaments under their belt go into the rankings. This year, the top-ranked C2 putter on the Pro Tour was Vincent Polidori. Vincent made 10 of 22 C2 putts for 45.45% of his C2 putts. Vincent played Ledgestone and Idlewild this year, finishing in T57 and T27, respectively.

Coming in second was Cameron Messerschmidt. Cameron played four stops on Tour this season and was able to claim one of the last spots in the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Cameron finished just behind Vincent making 43.28% of his putts (29 out of 67).

Other notable players in the top five of C2 putting include Scott Withers, Cale Leiviska, and Nate Sexton. Scott and Nate both only played two events, and Cale played three.

The player on the MPO side who finished 6th in C2 putting on the Disc Golf Pro Tour this season was the eventual Champion, Chris Dickerson. Chris finished the season, making 27 of 71 C2 putts. His 38% C2 putting average was only 7% off of this year’s top finisher.

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