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Catrina Allen – Driving Domination

At the Vibram Open, Catrina Allen finished second to Paige Pierce. Stats can help us understand why: Circle 1 putting may be the answer. Across the four rounds at Maple
Hill, Paige missed just 4 putts from inside 10 meters compared to 14 misses for Catrina.

For the overall season Catrina averaged 86% Circle 1 Putting. Though most of us would love to make 86% of our putts inside the circle, this puts Catrina slightly below the average among the elite female touring pros. Tracking detailed stats helps understand areas for improvement.
Despite losing 10 strokes to Paige inside the circle at Vibram, Catrina was in the mix until the final hole and lost by just a single stroke. Another look at Catrina’s stats reveals the reason.

Catrina’s Driving DominanceWith the exception of putting, every other category on Catrina Allen’s UDisc Live Player Profile has a 1 next to it. Catrina had the highest percentages for all the driving and approach statistics tracked on tour. As a result of her driving skills, Catrina also carded the most birdies.

Catrina was several points ahead of all other competitors for many of the key stats. Take a look at the Stats Page and sort by each column to see where everyone finished. Her accuracy off the tee and scrambling prowess earned Catrina recognition in several categories for the inaugural DGPT Awards .

Lead Card AppearancesIn 2017, you are likely to see a lot of Catrina Allen.
For the 2017 DGPT season – a full 32 rounds of edited FPO coverage will be included in the live broadcast. The lead cards for FPO are being planned to always be filmed and when possible, crews will cover additional cards. One focus of the tour this year is expanded coverage of the FPO division.
I took a look at lead card appearances from last year to see which players may have the most screen time on the live broadcasts. For this analysis, I excluded feature card appearances and only looked at rounds where the lead card is earned.

Across MPO and FPO, Catrina Allen was the only player on the lead card 100% of rounds played. Catrina finished first or second in every event she played. Even in her two losses, Catrina’s consistent play had her in the mix until the final hole on the final round.
Sarah Hokom, Valarie Jenkins, and Paige Pierce followed closely behind, only missing the lead card twice across the full season. Zoe Andyke and Madison Walker had the most chase card appearances and hopefully will break through more to the lead card this season.

With a larger group of top contenders, no MPO player appeared on the lead card more than half of rounds played. Just one player also did not appear on the lead card less than half of his rounds – last week’s featured player Michael Johansen. Ricky Wysocki, who played one more event, tied Michael for the most appearances. Ricky’s numbers were hurt by his tough start at the Ledgestone. Days after winning the world championship, Wysocki landed himself on the 18th card after the first round in Peoria.
One final fun fact – Cale Leiviska played on the most feature cards for 2016 with 3 appearances. If you’d like to see him on the feature card for the Memorial – Vote Now . Voting for the FPO feature card is available here .

As we look forward to the start of the 2017 season, we’ll continue to track full stats and scores for the FPO and MPO divisions. Will Catrina maintain her dominance this year? Will her circle 1 putting improve? Follow and watch live at and to find out!

Up next week – the two players with the lowest par percentage on tour.