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Earn some Christmas money!

for next season’s merchandise. It is time to double your Christmas money! When you spend $50 or more, for every dollar you spend at the online store between November 7th and November 17th, we will send you a Christmas Coupon good for that amount.

  • Spend $50, get $25.
  • Spend $100, get $50.
  • Spend $83.70, get … half of $83.70.

Yes, it is that easy to get yourself some cool 2016 Pro Tour merch, and receive a Christmas Coupon for you to use as a great Christmas gift (or to use on yourself again!)
Here’s How:

  • Shop and earn, now through November 17th.
  • We will add up your purchases and send you a code equal to the amount of your purchases.
  • Use the code from December 1 to 31 at our online store.

Happy Shopping!

Bonus: We have put the 2016 Trading Card Decks and Packs on pre-order to coincide with this special offer. In addition to inaugural year merch, you can also pre-order a pack of Pro Tour Trading Cards.
Trading Card Decks

Trading Card Packs