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Feature Cards: Great Lakes Open

Feature Card Selection
Players must have given the approval to be considered for inclusion on feature cards.
Three MPO and one FPO Fan Vote winners will play.
Players can be Fan Voted into feature cards max of three times per season
Players cannot be Fan Voted into feature cards in back to back events
Monday: One Monday before an event, Feature Cards are announced and Fan Vote starts
Wednesday: One Wednesdays before an event, at 5 PM Eastern the votes will be counted
Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern on Pro Tour Talk with Steve Dodge, we announce the Fan Vote winners
Discraft’s Great Lakes Open Fan Vote
FPO ( follow the link to vote )

  • Ragna Bygde Lewis
  • Holly Finley
  • Rebecca Cox
  • Jessica Weese
  • Ellen Widboom

MPO ( follow the link to vote )

  • Drew Gibson
  • Eric Oakley
  • Kevin Jones
  • Dave Feldberg
  • JohnE McCray
  • Bobby Musick
  • Grady Shue
  • Andrew Presnell
  • Alex Russell
  • Paul Ulibarri

MPO 1: Live Coverage

  • Ziggy Bierekoven (Last year’s champion)
  • Paul McBeth (highest in tour points)
  • Tim Barham (presenting partner)
  • JohnE McCray (Fan Vote Winner)

MPO 2: Edited Coverage

  • Reid Frescura (previous champion)
  • Garrett Gurthie (highest in tour points w/ one drop)
  • Michael Johansen (presenting partner)
  • Eric Oakley (Fan Vote Winner)

MPO 3: Edited Coverage

  • Benjamin Calloway (previous champion)
  • Jeremy Koling (highest in tour points w/ one drop)
  • Austin Turner (presenting partner)
  • Kevin Jones (Fan Vote Winner)

FPO 1: Edited Coverage

  • Krystal Fromm (previous champion)
  • Sarah Hokom (highest in tour points w/ one drop)
  • Courtney Cannon (presenting partner)
  • Ragna Bygde Lewis (Fan Vote Winner)