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Gannon Buhr Takes the Shield: Joining Team Discmania

By Nick Quargnenti

The moment has finally arrived! Amidst the buzz and speculation that swept the disc golf community, the mystery of Gannon Buhr’s next move has been unveiled. With the stroke of a pen, Buhr has officially sealed a 3-year sponsorship agreement with Discmania, marking a major shift in his already impressive career.

Before Gannon Buhr’s exhilarating entrance into the world of Team Discmania, he spent 7 exceptional seasons honing his skills and leaving an indelible mark with Team Prodigy. During this time, Buhr established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the disc golf scene. His tenure with Team Prodigy was marked by outstanding achievements, numerous victories, and a strong camaraderie with fellow teammates.


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The decision to transition to Team Discmania is not only a testament to Buhr’s continuous pursuit of excellence but also a strategic move that signifies a new chapter in his career. As he embarks on this fresh venture, the disc golf community eagerly awaits the exciting dynamics that Gannon Buhr will bring to Team Discmania, building upon the foundation of experience gained during his 7 remarkable seasons with Team Prodigy.

Buhr’s journey to stardom reached a pinnacle in 2022 when he clinched a PDGA Major Championship at the United States Disc Golf Championship, solidifying his status as one of the sport’s brightest talents. The young athlete’s prowess was further recognized in 2021 when he was awarded the Rookie of the Year, showcasing his rapid rise and adaptability to the professional circuit. With career earnings tallying up to $194,478.00, Buhr’s success is not only measured in trophies and accolades but also in the substantial financial rewards that reflect his commitment and skill on the course.

Gannon Buhr Celebrates his 2022 USDGC Victory with friends. Photo: Kevin Huver / DGPT

The 2023 season saw Buhr’s meteoric rise continue as he claimed victory an impressive 5 times on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. A true force to be reckoned with, Gannon Buhr graced the podium on 8 occasions, secured top-10 finishes an astounding 17 times, and maintained an impressive average round rating of 1041.16 across DGPT Championship, Elite, Silver, and PDGA Major events.

The partnership between Gannon Buhr and Discmania is a fusion of talent and innovation. Both parties are brimming with excitement as they embark on this new chapter together. Discmania, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation in the disc golf world, recognizes the potential in Buhr and is eager to support his journey.

Mid America Open Final Round MPO Aug. 07, 2022. Photograph by Sam O’Keefe

As Buhr joins Team Discmania, disc golf enthusiasts can anticipate witnessing his skills on full display with a new bag this season. Additionally, the prospect of signature series discs promises to add an extra layer of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the release of these collector’s items.

The timing of this partnership coincides with Eagle McMahon’s departure, marking a significant shift in the landscape of professional disc golf sponsorships. As the torch is passed, all eyes will be on Gannon Buhr to see how he continues to shape the narrative of his rapidly growing career.

The 2024 disc golf season is poised to be one of anticipation and excitement, with Gannon Buhr joining 2023 USDGC PDGA Major champion, Kyle Klein, and leading the charge as the young stars of Team Discmania. The disc golf community eagerly awaits the first throws, the victories, and the signature moments that will undoubtedly etch the 2024 season in our memories as one of the most eagerly anticipated periods.

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