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News & Notes from the 2022 Professional Disc Golf World Championships Press Conference

By Charles McCracken

By: Matthew Lavallee

Ahead of the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships, pros and tournament staff spoke on Disc Golf Network. Here’s what we learned…

Catrina Allen and James Conrad are proud, confident, but humble defending champions

“I’ll never forget that tournament,” said Catrina Allen of last season’s big win. Catrina’s first Worlds title came in 2014 and her second cannot come soon enough for her. “I feel like I’m a better golfer than just a two-time world champion.”

“I think I’ve got a good chance,” James Conrad said of the prospect of repeating as world champion. In 2021, James Conrad had one win: the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships which was capped off by the most iconic moment in the sport’s history. A repeat in 2022 would once again be his first  win of the season. If you want to relive James’ famous throw-in to prepare for Worlds, you can watch The Holy Shot on Disc Golf Network.

Paul McBeth has no regrets from 2021’s Worlds

James Conrad’s epic 2021 win occurred at the expense of Paul McBeth’s hope for a sixth title. When revisiting those moments, McBeth says he would not have changed anything about his game down the stretch. “I don’t sit back and be like ‘Oh, I wish I just went for it’. I wouldn’t have gone for that unless James threw a better shot off the tee and put me in the position where I had to birdie it to win. There’s nothing I could have done differently.”

Paige Pierce’s yearning for a sixth title has not wavered

Paige Pierce was momentarily at a loss for words when asked how she would react to winning a sixth world title. “That’s why I’m out here. You can never know what you’re gonna feel until you feel it, and then all you’ve got to do is just let yourself feel those things,” said a reposeful Pierce. “I don’t wanna look too far ahead of what it’s gonna mean or what it’s gonna feel like. I just wanna get there and ride that wave when I get there. Disc Golf has been like medicine to me lately. It’s been my safe place.”

Emporia Country Club. Photo: DGPT

Kristin Tattar will look to the adjustments she made during DDO

Kristin Tattar’s first round at DDO was a +6 at Jones Park. “Small things can make a very big difference,” Kristin said of the course. “On the first hole we can throw the same line, [but] I throw five centimeters lower and I get punished for that. I don’t necessarily think I played that awful the first round. Just, stuff kept happening. I got a lot of penalties.”

The next day, on the very same course, she improved 12 strokes en route to a DDO win in early May. Her round 2 score of -6 moved her from T-22 to T-1. “I learned a lot. Made some little bit better shots, and it showed on the score.”

With a win Saturday, Tattar would be just the second non-American to win a world title – the first since Birgitta Lagerholm (Sweden) in 2004.

Pickleball is all the rage among the touring disc golfers

Per Terry Miller, an estimated 32 pros were trying their hand at pickleball Sunday night. Valerie Mandujano bought her own “expensive” paddle to show her commitment to the new hobby. “We played for three hours consistently the last few nights.”

Pro Disc Golf fans should not worry about their favorite player jumping to a new sport full-time. Mandujano described her skill level as somewhere between novice and recreational. Perhaps Catrina Allen phrased it best by saying, “When your hobby becomes your job, you should probably find a new hobby.” Allen added, “I just wanna be out smashing pickleballs in people’s faces.”

Fun fact: Pickleball is widely considered the fastest growing sport in the United States (even more than disc golf, believe it or not).

Catch all the action at the 2022 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships starting on Tuesday, August 30th on the Disc Golf Network. The complete broadcast schedule can be found here