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Dive Into the Off-Season with Disc Golf Network & JomezPro’s Expanded Content Slate

By Charles McCracken

With the summer sun setting and the disc golf season winding down, the true aficionados of the sport might feel a pang of yearning for their favorite players and courses. But this year, the off-season promises a treasure trove of content for those insatiable fans who just can’t get enough of the game. Let’s delve into what the Disc Golf Network (DGN) has in store for its subscribers this off-season.

Please note: The timeline for publishing this content is still being finalized. We expect a majority of the content to be published in November and December. Final release dates may vary.

JomezPro + Disc Golf Network: A Power Combo

First off, let’s talk about that groundbreaking collaboration that took the disc golf community by storm earlier this year: JomezPro teaming up with DGN. This union was all about amplifying and elevating what JomezPro could offer. Now, the fruits of this deepened partnership are ripening, with a slew of original content hitting the screens of DGN subscribers and Patreon Members before it’s available anywhere else. This collaboration underscores the fact that when powerhouses join forces, fans reap the rewards. 

Exclusive First Access on Disc Golf Network and JomezPro’s Patreon Channel 

At Disc Golf Network, we understand the charm of free content. Yet, there’s something undeniably alluring about being the first to know, the first to see, and the first to discuss. DGN is offering that very exclusivity for its subscribers. Most pieces of new off-season content will be available exclusively to DGN subscribers and JomezPro Patreon supports for two full weeks before it becomes accessible to a broader audience. This means you’ll be in that exclusive circle of early viewers, getting firsthand access to the exhilaration. Fans can subscribe to the Disc Golf Network for $12.99 a month. Additionally, DGN is currently running a 30% off yearly subscription promotion, and PDGA members can get 50% off the monthly option! Or, you can become a JomezPro Patreon subscriber and get most of this content early as well! Check out the complete schedule below for more information. 

Two BRAND NEW Shows from JomezPro

Paul McBeth after a win at the 2023 PCS Open. Photo: DGPT

Paul McBeth’s European Odyssey: This past season, Paul McBeth ventured into a significant European chapter, leaving an indelible mark on the continent’s disc golf tapestry. Competing in six PDGA Euro Tour events, he not only participated but also triumphed in four, including a landmark victory at the 2023 PCS Open – the first-ever DGPT Elite event in Europe. Beyond the celebrated wins lies a deeper narrative. With JomezPro in tow, capturing every drive, putt, and candid moment, the real essence of the tour is being brought to life in a riveting six-episode docu-series. This series promises a blend of McBeth’s competitive spirit, the challenges faced, and the mutual respect and influence between an icon and the European disc golf community. Immerse yourself in a summer where legend and locale converge.

Catch with Brian Earhart: In a fresh new show from JomezPro, viewers are invited to step into an atmosphere that marries the camaraderie of a casual catch with the authenticity of an intimate chat. Evoking the spirit of famed interview shows like Hot Ones and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but tailored to the disc golf community, Brian finds insightful conversations with Gannon Buhr, Ben Callaway, Jeremy Koling, Juliana Korver, Ella Hansen, and James Conrad. Over the course of six episodes, the series delves deep, breaking down barriers and allowing for free-wheeling conversations. If you’ve ever had a long game of catch with a friend, you know what we’re talking about.  Whether it’s delving into tales of their love for the sport, sharing nuggets of life on the Tour, or just playful banter, the show promises to be both entertaining and illuminating. Produced by the renowned JomezPro, this is not just a show for disc golf enthusiasts, but for anyone who appreciates genuine interactions and the fascinating stories behind the sport’s top players; It’s an unscripted, genuine deep dive into the sport, brought to fans in the most candid way possible.

JomezPro Coverage of 2023 Distance Competitions! Where Power Meets Precision. 

Estonian Albert Tamm lets one rip at the 2022 USDGC distance showcase. Photo: DGPT

Don’t miss JomezPro coverage of the longest throwers in the world! The 2023 season saw more distance competitions than ever, and JomezPro was there for the biggest events of the season to catch all the action. With exclusive coverage of the Preserve Distance Invitational, the World Championship Distance Invitational, and the US Distance Championship, JomezPro’s distance competition coverage offers a glimpse into the sport’s fundamentals: power and control. What’s more, with our drone chase footage, you’ll get a firsthand look at the incredible trajectory of each throw, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action. This coverage celebrates skill, determination, and the pure joy of disc golf. 

Professional Disc Golf Meets…Pickleball? 

We’ve got something special for you. This off-season, get ready for JomezPro’s Mixed Doubles Pickleball Invitational. While at the Portland Open earlier this year, JomezPro had a unique opportunity to film a round robin style tournament between some of your favorite pros. There was quite a range of talent on display, and with Big Jerm as the host it turned out to be one of the most fun evenings on Tour in 2023. Tune in to JomezPro and discover why pro disc golfers love to dink in their free time.

Play with the Champs: It’s Time To Watch Ben Askren & Bert Kreischer Take On Top Talent

Bert Kreischer at the 2023 Discraft Great Lakes Open. Photo: DGPT

This summer, the disc golf community was treated to two special Play with the Champs exhibition events, uniting pros, celebrities, and fans for noteworthy causes. The Play with the Champs format provided a unique twist on the game we all love, pairing pros and special celebrity guests with fans on each hole. The action kicked off at Sunset Hills Disc Golf Course (Ledgestone Open) where efforts were channeled to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. While an injury saw Paige Pierce bowing out, 2018 FPO World Champion Paige Shue took the stage, teaming up with Anthony Barela, Simon Lizotte, Matt Orum, and the indomitable Ben Askren. The momentum continued at the Kensington Toboggan Course the next month (Discraft’s Great Lakes Open), where the Paul McBeth Foundation took center stage. Paul McBeth, Calvin Heimburg, Chris Dickerson, and Catrina Allen joined forces with the ever-entertaining Bert Kreischer for another captivating round. Both occasions not only spotlighted the sport’s top talent but also the community’s heart in supporting charitable endeavors. Whether you were on the green in person or are looking to relive the action, JomezPro’s crisp coverage is ready to transport you to these remarkable events. Dive in and experience the magic once more! 

The Disc Golf Action Continues: Two More LIVE Events on the Horizon!

While the regular DGPT season might be winding down, the excitement is far from over. Disc golf enthusiasts have not one, but two live events to eagerly anticipate. First up, tune in from October 20th to 22nd for the electrifying coverage of the PDGA Euro-Tour Championship, the Andalucía Open. But that’s not all. The following month presents yet another live spectacle, the National Amateur Disc Golf Tour Finale on November 4th. The season may be drawing to a close, but with these two thrilling live events still in the queue, the adrenaline and passion for the sport are as alive as ever. Mark your calendars and prepare for some top-tier disc golf action!

Here’s a look at the complete off-season content slate! 

Title Description Produced By See It First Watch Later On
LIVE coverage of the PDGA Euro-Tour Championship The final PDGA Euro Tour event of the year, the Andalucía Open is LIVE only on DGN. Oct 20-22.  DGN Watch LIVE only on DGN (first round live on YouTube) Re-watch on DGN and DGPT YouTube (1st round only)
LIVE Coverage of the NADGT Finale Catch the final round of the National Amateur Disc Golf Tour finale, November 4 DGN Watch LIVE only on DGN (first round live on YouTube) Re-watch on DGN and DGPT YouTube (1st round only)
Preserve Distance Championship Get ready to watch the biggest arms in the world compete at the Preserve Distance Championship! JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN subscribers JomezPro YouTube
PDGA Pro Worlds Distance Invitational  It’s time for another distance competition! Get a first look at who took down this prestigious title. DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro Youtube
U.S. Distance Championship The third and final distance event of the year, taking place at the Winthrop Arena.  DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro Youtube
DGPT On Tour: James Proctor Deep dive into one of the most consistent performances of the 2023 season with Disc Golf Network.  DGN  Two week exclusive window for DGN subscribers DGPT YouTube
DGPT End of Season Awards Show Hosted by JomezPro, the DGPT End of Season Awards will feature Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Most Improved, Comeback Player of the Year, and more!  DGN & JomezPro We can’t contain ourselves on this one. Watch everywhere at the end of Nov! JomezPro Youtube
Play with the Champs featuring Ben Askren Ever wondered how celebrities take to disc golf? Tune in to watch UFC’s Ben Askren take on the Pros.  DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro YouTube
Play with the Champs featuring Bert Kreischer  We’re back with ANOTHER play with the champs showcase ft. your favorite disc golfing comedian!  DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro Youtube
Portland Open Pickleball & Frolf Combo Tournament A short look into why pro disc golfers on tour love to dink in their off time. DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro YouTube
Finding the Lines Season 3 Get an inside look into the art and science of course design. This season, we’re tracking Paul McBeth and White Sox pitcher Dylan Cease for six episodes as they take on a new course design project in Tuscaloosa!  DGN Available ONLY on DGN! N/A
Catch with Brian Earhart Catch with Brian Earhart blends disc golf chats and candid talks with top players, in a “Hot Ones” style series. DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro Youtube
Paul McBeth European Tour Docu-series Take a trip across the pond with Paul McBeth in this six episode special series fromJomezPro.   DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro Youtube
Re-watch Wednesdays! Revisit your favorite rounds of the year with Re-watch Wednesdays, spiced up with commentary from your favorite players. DGN Two week exclusive window for DGN subscribers DGPT YouTube
Paul McBeth Foundation Africa Trip Accompany Paul McBeth on a philanthropic journey with his Foundation on a trip to Africa!  DGN & JomezPro Two week exclusive window for DGN

& JomezPro Patreon subscribers

JomezPro Youtube