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Playing Catch Up with the Catch Series

By Michelle Springett

Playing Catch Up with the Catch Series: Exploring the Catch Series with Brian Earhart

We sat down with Brian Earhart to catch up with the Catch Series! The Disc Golf Network’s Catch Series brings a unique blend of conversation, aesthetics, and the fundamental joy of playing catch to the world of Disc Golf. As the Catch Series takes flight on the Disc Golf Network, we uncover Earhart’s long-term goals, dream guests, and plans for a broader release, offering you a glimpse into the soul of Disc Golf beyond the scorecards and championships.

Question: What inspired you to create the Catch Series for the Disc Golf Network?

Brian Earhart: The Catch Series is more than just a conversation-based podcast; it’s a video podcast without a production-heavy approach. I wanted to provide players with a setting to escape the tour’s hustle and bustle and reconnect with the simplicity of playing catch—the roots of Frisbee. Each episode involves intentionally selecting a person, a disc with a story, and creating a relaxed atmosphere to discuss life beyond the tour.

Question: Any memorable moments or surprises during the interviews?

Brian Earhart: Each interview had its unique flavor. From bagels with Ella Hansen, to Churros with Gannon Buhr, and witnessing James Conrad juggle, every episode had a distinct vibe. Spending quality time with friends like Ben Callaway in a casual setting added a personal touch, sharing Discraft history over coffee. Unboxing a vintage Whammo disc with Ella or freestyling with Juliana Korver brought unexpected, delightful moments.

Brian Earhart and Gannon Buhr eat Churros together while playing catch. Watch this episode now!

Question: Are there specific guests you’re excited to feature in the future?

Brian Earhart: My long-term goal is to bring Disc Golf exposure through influential guests. Next year, I plan to have Andrew Zimmern on the show. I would love to have Bill Nye on the show. I’m excited about the potential to connect with mainstream figures, expanding the sport’s reach. Dream guests would definitely include Seth Rogen, that would be such a fun and refreshing episode.

Question: Where can viewers catch the Catch Series, and do you have plans for a broader release?

Brian Earhart: Initially released on the Disc Golf Network, the show will later be available on the JomezPro YouTube channel. While the current season is somewhat experimental, next year promises more exciting episodes. The ultimate aim is to create a show that captures the soul of individuals through the universal joy of throwing a Frisbee, potentially drawing in a broader audience.

Question: How would you describe the Catch Series to someone unfamiliar with it?

Brian Earhart: Consider it “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” of Disc Golf. The show aims to blend aesthetic appeal, light conversation, and the basic joy of throwing a Frisbee. It’s a unique exploration of the sport’s personalities beyond the competitive scene, offering viewers a refreshing and entertaining perspective on Disc Golf.

Watch the latest episode with Gannon Buhr on the Disc Golf Network now!

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