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The Power Disc Golf Academy Partners with the DGPT

By Michelle Springett

Exciting news! The Power Disc Golf Academy is now an official disc golf training academy and proud partner of the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

The Power Disc Golf Academy is where legends of the sport come together to help you elevate your game. Led by renowned professional disc golfers such as Paul Ulibarri, Simon Lizotte, Ezra Aderhold, and Holyn Handley (joining in early 2024), this revolutionary academy provides you with the tools to unlock the secrets of elite-level play. Our 100% online platform allows you to learn at your own pace, making excellence accessible to players worldwide.

To celebrate this partnership, the Power Disc Golf Academy is offering:

An exclusive package of three free disc golf training resources and a discount of 50% off your first year’s membership.

This free training pack includes two complimentary video tutorials by the legendary Paul Ulibarri, covering putting and approach shots. Join Ezra Aderhold in a free webinar addressing the Top 3 Technique Mistakes affecting distance and accuracy. As a bonus, enjoy a 49-page downloadable PDF Field Work and Practice Drill guide, complete with drills, progress worksheets, and visual aids.

Ready to power up your game? To gain access to the free training material click here now! This 50% discount will be available to redeem until December 31st, 2023. To redeem this discount you can use the link in your free training package, or use the promo code ‘DGPT’.

As the gold standard in disc golf training programs, the Power Disc Golf Academy offers comprehensive lessons covering every facet of the game. Keep scrolling to check out what is covered in the program.


Master the art of putting with the comprehensive lessons led by elite disc golfers—Paul Ulibarri, Simon Lizotte, and Ezra Aderhold. Paul delves into all facets of putts, from basic spin, push and straddle putts to advanced techniques for varying situations, including windy conditions. Simon hones in on the mental game, providing insights on building confidence and maintaining the right frame of mind. Ezra unveils the secrets behind his renowned step putt, guiding you through when and why to employ it, along with the essential physical mechanics. To ensure members’ improvement in field work and practice drills specific to putting.  These drills will help you dial in your putting game and lower your scores.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, putting

Back Hand Throw

Unleash the power of your backhand throw with insights from our four expert instructors. Paul Ulibarri meticulously dissects the foundational X Step, offering comprehensive guidance on each nuance. Members rave about the enhanced distance and accuracy gained from Paul’s teachings. Simon Lizotte delves into upper body mechanics, essential for generating power and precision. Ezra Aderhold, renowned for his distance throws, unveils the secrets to maximizing your distance. He teaches an entire section of lessons on increasing your distance. Holyn Handley, our dedicated female instructor, hones in on specific body mechanics tailored for women, recognizing the unique anatomy. Tailor your skills with diverse expertise, ensuring every member excels in their backhand throw game. As with the putting section, our members have access to throwing drills that help improve their skills with this aspect of disc golf.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, backhand throw

Forehand throw

Elevate your disc golf game with our Side Arm Throw lessons, a surefire way to enhance your scores. Led by Paul Ulibarri, master every facet of the forehand throw—from footwork and disc grip to weight shift, body position, and follow-through. The forehand is one of the more daunting and challenging aspects of the game. Our lessons have garnered enthusiastic praise, with members reporting substantial improvements in their forehand game. Excitingly, we’re expanding our lineup, introducing a new instructor soon to delve into the nuances of power and distance in the forehand throw. Paul sets the foundation, and upcoming lessons will propel you to unlock your full potential in this crucial aspect.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, forehand throw

Advanced lessons

Elevate your game with our Advanced Skills lessons, meticulously crafted and taught by our dynamic quartet of coaches. Paul Ulibarri delves into mastering throws in diverse wind conditions, a crucial skill for overcoming tricky situations. Holyn Handley equips members to navigate elevation changes, ensuring optimal disc flight on hills. Ezra Aderhold unravels the secrets behind executing various shot shapes, expanding your repertoire. Simon Lizotte shares his pre-throw mental checklist, guiding you to select the right disc and shot, considering all variables. These advanced skill lessons, collectively presented by our expert coaches, empower every disc golfer to conquer challenging conditions and maximize their performance.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, advanced lessons

Approach Shots

Navigate the crucial realm of sub-200 feet approach shots with precision through our specialized lessons led by Paul Ulibarri. These shots, pivotal for securing birdies or steering clear of double bogeys, now become your scoring advantage. Paul’s dedicated section imparts invaluable techniques, consistently guiding members to land closer to the pin. A successful approach sets the stage for easier putting, transforming your game. Members boast 2-7 stroke improvements per round, a testament to the effectiveness of these lessons. Elevate your scoring potential by mastering approach shots, ensuring you park next to the basket for more confident and successful rounds.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, Approach Shots

Preparation and Mental Game

Embark on the path to mental mastery and strategic prowess with our Preparation and Mental Game lessons, expertly guided by Simon Lizotte and Ezra Aderhold. Simon unravels the secrets of effective practice rounds, crucial for tournament success. Navigating the world-renowned Maple Hill course, Simon breaks down every potential scenario, offering a blueprint for competition. Delving into the mental game’s depths, Simon empowers members to build confidence, cultivate the right mindset, and banish negative thoughts. Ezra imparts insights into risk tolerance, crucial for decision-making on the course, and unveils strategies for handling “out of bounds” situations, turning challenges into advantages. Elevate your game with the mental fortitude and strategic acumen needed for disc golf triumphs.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, Prep and Mental Game

Drills and Field Work

Unlock championship-level performance with our Field Work and Practice Drills, a game-changer in elevating your skills. Championships are shaped during intentional and effective practice, a strategy often overlooked by many disc golfers. Our comprehensive section features 26 drills, complete with video tutorials and downloadable PDF progress worksheets and visual aids. This curated collection ensures every aspect of your disc golf game is honed to perfection. From distance drives to pinpoint accuracy, our drills have empowered thousands of members to revolutionize their practice sessions, translating into tangible improvements on the scorecard. Transform your game with purposeful and impactful field work that sets the stage for success.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, Drills and Field Work

Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Dive into dynamic learning with the Webinar and Q&A sessions, expertly led by Ezra Aderhold and Holyn Handley. Members enjoy the unique opportunity to engage directly with the instructors, exploring a variety of disc golf topics. Ezra and Holyn guide discussions on critical subjects such as “The Top 3 Technique Mistakes,” “How to Become a Sponsored Player,” “The Top 5 Immediate Score Improvements,” and “Top 5 Tips for Females.” With a total of 12 webinars covering diverse aspects, members can attend live sessions or access recorded replays. This exclusive resource provides invaluable insights, turning theoretical knowledge into practical skills and propelling your disc golf journey to new heights.

The Power Disc Golf Academy, webinars and Q&A Sessions

Take your game to the next level? Gain access to our free training material by clicking here now! This 50% discount offer will be available for redemption until December 31st, 2023. To claim the discount, you can use the link provided in your free training package or click here and use the promo code ‘DGPT‘.

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