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Kristin Tattar Makes History with Pro Major Grand Slam Sweep in 2023

By Nick Quargnenti

Written by: Nick Quargnenti, DGPT Marketing Coordinator

In the realm of competitive disc golf, PDGA Pro Major events are where the most intense battles unfold. They offer top-tier payouts and lure the world’s best players to challenging and stunning courses. Here, history is made as competitors vie for victory in one of the sport’s most esteemed competitions. In recent years, one FPO player has risen to prominence at these Pro Major events in a way that very few can match – Kristin Tattar.

With her 2nd U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships (USWDGC) win this past weekend, Kristin Tattar now boasts 5 consecutive Major victories and has secured 6 Major titles in just 5 years. What’s even more astounding is her extraordinary Grand Slam sweep of the PDGA Pro Majors in 2023, clinching victories in all 4 Major events within a single season: the PDGA Champions Cup, the European Open, the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships, and the USWDGC. This historic accomplishment firmly establishes her as the first woman to ever achieve such a remarkable milestone within the modern Pro Major landscape.

Listen to Kristin discuss how, at the start of the year, she set the goal of winning all four Majors and wrote it down…

The Road to History

  • The Champions Cup: Her journey to the Pro Major sweep started with a dominant performance at the 1st Major of the year, the 2023 Champions Cup, where she secured victory with a commanding 14-stroke lead. It’s worth noting that this win marked a sweet redemption for Tattar, considering her close battle with Paige Pierce (PDGA# 29190) in the 2022 Champions Cup, where she fell just a couple of strokes short in the end. Explore our 2023 Champions Cup recap for further details.

Kristin Tattar celebrating victory at the 2023 Champions Cup. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

  • The European Open: Tattar’s momentum continued at the 2023 European Open, where she dominated the competition. She shot the hot round for 4 consecutive days, finishing with an astounding 16-stroke lead over the rest of the field. According to StatMando, this marks the most significant margin of victory in an FPO PDGA Pro Major since Paige Pierce’s 17-stroke win at the 2019 European Open. This triumph also solidified Tattar’s Career Grand Slam, making her the quickest FPO player in disc golf history to win each of the current PDGA Pro Majors at least once.

  • Pro World Championships: The 2023 PDGA Pro Worlds saw her securing another Major title, this time with a 6-stroke margin. Now with back-to-back victories at the World Championships, Tattar became the 10th FPO player with multiple World titles and the first back-to-back FPO Worlds Champion since Valarie Jenkins in 2009. This historic win paved the way for just one more Major in the year, the final stepping stone toward her remarkable achievement.

Kristin Tattar celebrating victory at the 2023 Pro World Championship. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

  • USWDGC: The final piece of the puzzle fell into place at the U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championship (USWDGC) this weekend, where Tattar had a slow start causing her to miss her 1st Major lead card since the 2021 Pro Worlds. Despite the setback, she bounced back in the 3rd round and took down the title with a 3-stroke lead. Throughout the weekend, she boasted the 2nd-highest birdie percentage and led the field with an impressive 71% scramble rate and a remarkable 13.48 strokes gained putting. If you missed the action, check out our official recap here.

A Streak for the Ages

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Kristin Tattar’s remarkable journey to achieve this career Grand Slam sweep. Tattar now stands alongside Juliana Korver (PDGA# 7438) as the only other FPO player to secure 5 consecutive Major wins, starting her streak with a triumph at the 2022 PDGA Pro World Championship. What makes this achievement even more unique is that Tattar is the first FPO player to accomplish this in 5 consecutively scheduled Majors, due to Juliana Korver’s absence from the 2000 U.S. Women’s Championship. Although the circumstances may vary, the accomplishment of both players is truly exceptional.

Kristin Tattar is dialed in during the 2023 DGPT season. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

A Year of Triumph

In 2023, Kristin Tattar (PDGA# 73986) has competed in a total of 17 DGPT events, including Elite, Silver, and Major events. Out of those 17 events, she’s taken the top spot 11 times, showcasing an impressive 65% win rate, which stands head and shoulders above any other pro in both fields at this moment. She’s reached the podium a total of 14 times and has only fallen below the top 5 once this year, finishing in 6th place at the Play it Again Sports Jonesboro Open (for reference, the worst finish that Tattar has had since 2018 was 8th place at the 2018 Pro World Championship). She currently holds the number 1 ranking in the world according to both UDisc World Ranking and StatMando Official Rankings.

Kristin Tattar celebrating victory at the 2023 European Open. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

Her triumph at the USWDGC marks her 12th occasion of leading or co-leading going into the final round out of the 25 DGPT Elite and PDGA Major events she’s participated in since the beginning of 2022. Additionally, this weekend’s victory at the U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championship also marked her 9th Elite or Major win in the current season. With this achievement, she now stands as the 3rd-highest winner in a single season. To put it in perspective, Paige Pierce set the record with an astonishing 14 wins in 2017, and Valarie Jenkins (PDGA# 17495) secured 10 wins back in 2008. Tattar’s 9 victories in 2023 place her among elite company, alongside Elaine King (PDGA# 3090), Catrina Allen (PDGA# 44184), and Paige Pierce.

Making History

What’s equally remarkable is the significance of this victory. When we compare her achievement to other FPO players with 6+ Majors, we should consider how many Major events they needed to reach this milestone. Tattar accomplished it in just 15 Major event starts, which is less than notable players like Paige Pierce (17), Valarie Jenkins (19), Catrina Allen (19), and Elaine King (22). Despite her fewer Major starts, she’s only surpassed by 2 players with even fewer days: Des Reading (PDGA# 15863) with 11 and Juliana Korver, who achieved it in just 10 Major starts. It’s noteworthy that Valarie Jenkins achieved this in the shortest time, with only 727 days between her 1st Major title and her 6th.

Kristin Tattar led the field with 13.48 strokes gained putting at the 2023 USWDGC. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

Kristin Tattar’s dominance extends beyond her Major wins. With a current rating of 999, she’s on the cusp of achieving a career rating of 1000, a milestone never before reached by a female disc golfer. Tattar’s consistency is awe-inspiring. Before her 993 event rating at USWDGC this past weekend, she has averaged 1000+ rated rounds at each of her last 4 Majors (with her highest being 1013 at the 2023 Pro World Championships), a level of play that sets her apart from the competition. Despite her lowest event rating occurring at USWDGC this past weekend, her event rating average at Majors this season still remains over 1000, precisely at 1004.

Kristin Tattar celebrates her 1st European Open championship at the 2023 European Open. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

Kristin Tattar’s victory at the USWDGC has also officially propelled her earnings for the season beyond the $100,000 mark. In 2022, she became the first player ever to achieve this milestone, and now, she has once again secured her place in history by being the first player (man or woman) to reach $100,000 in earnings for 2 consecutive years. Tattar has a cash rate of 100% this season (out of 18 total events).

A Long Road to Greatness

Kristin Tattar celebrates her 1st Major victory of the year at the 2023 Champions Cup. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

As we celebrate Kristin Tattar’s historic achievement, we witness a trailblazer redefining the possibilities for female disc golfers. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication to the sport have set a new standard, and the disc golf community eagerly anticipates what the future holds for this remarkable athlete. Kristin Tattar’s Grand Slam sweep is more than a personal milestone; it’s an inspiration for the next generation of disc golfers, and a testament to the power of determination and passion in sports.

Kristin Tattar claims her 1st Worlds title at the 2022 PDGA Pro World Championships. Photos: Kevin Huver / DGN

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