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Update Regarding Jonesboro Open Post-Produced Coverage

By Baker Helton
Early last week the Disc Golf Pro Tour released an update regarding how post-produced coverage will unfold for the rest of the season. Also early last week due to unforeseen circumstances the in-house media crew for the Disc Golf Pro Tour was unable to complete post-produced coverage for the Jonesboro open. Due to the last minute nature of the notification, we relied on SmashboxxTV to produce Smashcutts of the Jonesboro Open coverage. Additionally, AnhyzerTV stepped up to provide chase card coverage from MPO. You can find coverage from the Jonesboro Open on our JBO Media page.

This was a significant step back from what we had been producing and what we had hoped to produce. Our apologies for this happening. We did the best we could in a difficult situation and we know it was not what the fans of disc golf deserve.

Moving forward, as announced last week, the Disc Golf Pro Tour will be focused on live coverage (with the production assistance of SmashboxxTV) and post-produced coverage will be handled by the media crews which produce coverage regularly including Par Save Productions, Jomez, Central Coast Disc Golf, and Gatekeeper Media. You can read more about the shift in our announcement last week .

We are looking forward to a great rest of the season, and we appreciate the support and passion we have seen through the first three events.