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  • ​Challenge our sport’s best. The best disc golfers in the world will be competing on the Pro Tour so these courses need to be designed with the best players in mind.
  • Look spectacular. While it is not easy to design a course that will challenge the best players, it is even more difficult to do so and make it look beautiful. Pro Tour courses should have great aesthetics.
  • Be easy to watch. The Pro Tour will be broadcast live to hundreds of thousands of fans online as well as bring in thousands of onsite spectators. Onsite spectators will need the ability to sit and watch particular holes as well as follow their favorite cards. Fans watching online will need to be able to follow the action and feel like they are there.
  • Have available infrastructure. With hundreds, maybe thousands, of spectators per day, the venue will need high speed internet, good cell signal, plenty of parking, bathrooms, and the ability to sell food, beverages, memorabilia, and tickets at the gate.
  • A supportive disc golf population. In order to attract the numbers of spectators (and staff) that the Pro Tour is looking for, venues will need to have a built-in, supportive group of discers to both attend and help execute the event.
  • As we expand across North America and develop a tour that is as sensible as possible, we will be looking for high quality partners that want to help bring the modern age of disc golf to fruition.