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2023 DGPT Schedule

KEY: (S) – Silver | (E) – Elite | (E+) – Elite+ | (P) – Playoffs | (M) – PDGA Pro Major

All-Star Weekend | February 17th – 19th

(E) Las Vegas Challenge | February 23rd – 26th

(E) Waco Annual Charity Open | March 10th – 12th 

(E) The Open at Austin | March 17th – 19th

(S) Texas State Championships | March 24th – 26th

(E) Music City Open | April 7th – 9th 

(S) Blue Ridge Championship at North Cove | April 14th – 16th 

(M) Champions Cup | April 20th – 23rd

(E) Jonesboro Open | April 28th – 30th

(E) OTB Open | May 12th – 14th 

(S) Beaver State Fling | May 19th – 21st

(S) Cascade Challenge at Kayak Point | May 26th – 28th

(E+) Portland Open | June 1st – 4th

(S) Zoo Town Open | June 9th – 11th

(E) Dynamic Discs Open | June 16th -18th

(E) Des Moines Challenge | June 23rd – 25th

(E) The Preserve Championship | June 30 – July 2nd

(S) KC Wide Open | July 7th – 9th

(E) PCS Open | July 13th – 15th

(M) European Open | July 20th – 23rd

(S) Mid America Open | July 28th – 30th

(E+) Ledgestone Open | August 3rd – 6th

(E) Idlewild Open | August 11th – 13th

(P) Discraft’s Great Lakes Open | August 17th – 20th 

(S) Rochester Flying Disc Open | August 25th – 27th

(M) PDGA Professional World Championships | August 30th – September 3rd

(S) Discmania Open | September 8th – 10th

(P) MVP Open at Maple Hill | September 14th – 17th

(M) United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships | September 21st – 24th

(M) United States Disc Golf Championship | October 5th – 8th

(P) Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship | October 12th – 15th 


  • 9:00 to 12:00: Lead women’s card plays, usually around 9am
  • 1:30 to 4:30: Lead men’s card plays, usually around 1:30pm
  • 4:30 to 9:00: Festivities, fly marts, distance/putting competitions, etc


Cost varies per venue. Please visit your event’s site for specific information about parking, tickets, VIP passes and more. Click the logos below to visit their specific DGPT Spectator Info page.


Lastly, please remember that you are attending a professional sporting event, with players that are competing at the highest level of our sport, volunteers who are dedicating their own time, and other spectators who have come from far and wide to view this premier event. With that in mind, we ask that you be respectful of both the people around you and the course that was gracious enough to host the event.

Spectator Etiquette

For a full and up to date spectator code of conduct, reference the DGPT Policy Portal which can be found here.

Get into the action

Disc Golf Pro Tour events are fun for the whole family. Whether you want to watch the best disc golf athletes competing for some of our sport’s most prestigious titles and largest payouts, learn some tips at a Pro Clinic, play at the Festival of the Flying Discs, or just get an opportunity to rub shoulders, the Pro Tour event near you has it all.

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