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National Sightings


We have compiled all of the National Disc Golf Sightings (that we know of). Enjoy! If you know of one we are missing, please submit it to us!

Note: We will include any disc golf sighting on a national media outlet in this list.

ESPN Sighting #25

SC Featured: ‘Not Alone’: How a special sport sends a powerful message about mental health

How a simple message written on a disc golf disc has spread across the nation…impacting people when they need it the most.

ESPN2 Broadcast

The 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship was broadcast on ESPN2 on November 24. The historic broadcast drew over 225,000 views, garnered ample social media attention (including from pro golfer, Bubba Watson) and topped the ESPN2 daily ratings charts. 

Dynamic Discs Open on CBS Sports Network

Disc Golf was back on the national airwaves for the 2020 Dynamic Disc Open. The one hour telecasts aired August 26-29 and featured rounds 1, 2, 3 plus a skins match.